MCS how and why?


I exposed myself to some of the most affecting situations, in order to give you a picture of the disability that I´m plagued by.


I´m sure, now that you have seen the video, you might feel a lot of questions bubbling up. Therefore I have prepared some information below on all the “hows”and “whats”.



How does one get an MCS?


The mechanisms of multiple chemical sensitivity are not completely understood, despite modern medical advancements. It has been known to start with a "toxic event". Also either a physical trauma (accident, fire with heavy burnings or a war injury) or psychological trigger (torture, sexual assault or sexual violence, emotional abuse, life threatening illnesses during the childhood) can provoke the illness. A genetic disposition may predispose certain individuals to this condition.

Another cause may be a injury of the blood-brain-border. It keeps all toxins from beeing transfered to our brain and if it is not in the right position, toxins enter our brain without any filtering.


In my case it is an injury of the blood-brain-border. I slipped and fell at a young age and it seems to be out of place. Because of my genetic disposition in a coulple of detoxing sequences I am not able to detox environmental toxins (smok, heavy metals, pasticides or mold) properly which explains part of the problem. All in all I can live good, but not in a toxic environment ;-)

Clean environment = healthy Julia


Many features of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and the way its effects are described by the sufferer, seem altogether unrealistic, impossible or implausible to a conventional, scientifically trained consultant or general practitioner.


Unfortunately most patients have to go through an 8-10 year odyssey until the cause of all their suffering is found. In my case it took 10 years, before I stumbled across right specialists and environmental doctors. And I only got there because I have an excellent family doctor, who thinks outside the box.


By now, it has caused autoimmune diseases, food intolerances and a list of symptoms that have developed along the way.




What are the direct reactions of the body?


  • Breathing difficulties
  • Sore throat
  • Headaches
  • Muscle pain
  • Fatigue
  • All sorts of stomach-related discomfort (heartburn, colic’s, irritable colon)
  • Skin rashes
  • Sneezing, blocked or runny nose
  • Memory loss
  • Mood swings
  • Confusion
  • Difficulty in concentration


How did it change my life?


At first I did not know how to adapt. I realized that every corner of my apartment, is full of chemicals.

So I started in the bathroom and took out everything that is scented, from the shampoo and hair conditioner to body lotions that I never used anyway. I got rid of all deodorants that made me sweat anyway... now it made sense.

I then proceeded to sort my clothes. There were some materials that I reacted quite heavily to. All those normal plastics that we wear on our skin like acrylic or polyester... make me sweat like hell, a cold sweat.

I was shocked to find that most of the clothes I wore were made of synthetic fabrics. Everything was discarded. What stayed were cotton and linen.


We threw out all cleaning agents, there is so much that one collects over the years. A special detergent exists for application to every surface in every corner of your home. Sad truth for the chemical industry is, you can actually do everything with natural detergents... orange concentrate heavily thinned with water, does a perfect job for 90% of household sanitary needs the rest can be cleaned with apple-vinegar... that’s Chris’ job (my fiancé)... I can’t stand the smell, obviously.


I´m not able to consume any conventional "foods" anymore, because my tummy moans at the slightest hint of pesticides not to mention gene manipulated food like conventional wheat.

All in all, it was a pretty drastic change. Now I feel better when at home.


90% of MCS patients live in complete isolation. It is hard for them to make people understand what they react to. I am lucky, all my friends take real good care of me, and they recognize my condition to be as serious as any other disability. When it comes to strangers, being discriminated against on the street, is a common phenomenon.


With a loving, dedicated partner by my side and many good friends I can withstand the discrimination in public. That does not mean that I don´t react to the fabric softener of the washing powder that everyone uses, but if the concentration is quite low I can easily enjoy 1-2 hours in an open setting with my friends.


I sometimes suffer afterwards, but the hope of a better future makes it easier to deal with.

All in all, my life here in Germany has become a daily struggle.


Do "The woods" really heal MCS?


I found this really insightful website by Rabin Prusty, MSCE, Environmental Engineer that states the following:


"By breathing clean and fresh air and minimizing exposure to any chemicals or substance, which will give severe reaction, a person can considerably slowdown the progression of MCS."

The lifestyle of a person with MCS would be severely restricted as that person goes to a higher Stage of MCS

As medicines will give severe to life-threatening reactions, a person with MCS should try to treat common illness using Alternative Medicine, which will give mild reaction.

In Alternative Medicine, also known as nutritional healing, vitamins, minerals and herbs are used to treat common illness.

Source:Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) By Rabin Prusty, MSCE


I sincerely believe that, living a healthy lifestyle and seeking out cleaner, more natural environments, will have a healing effect.


Mother nature has been known to play a significant role in helping numerous people with seemingly incurable sicknesses recover.

With a natural healer by my side, we have all the tools one needs for healing.


The combined program of healthy vegetarian food, yoga and  a little fitness in a cleaner environment will have a transformative effect.